About The Programme

Healing through music is a unique approach to finding balance & improving over all wellness. It is based on the idea that music can be used to shift a person's energy & bring about emotional, physical & spiritual healing ( change ). Mickey Singh Narula uses sound, music, vibration and rhythm to facilitate healing thus reducing stress, anxiety and depression thus increased feeling of peace & joy.

Who is it for & Who can benefit from it?

Healing through music can benefit everyone whether you are dealing with emotional distress, physical pain, mental health challenge or just looking for a way to relax and unwind. Music has a powerful & profound impact on the soul music can also help to create an atmosphere of relaxation in times of stress.

What to expect from the programme?

• Improves mental health
• Reduces stress & anxiety
• Improves Sleep
• Improves communication & self expression.
• Enhances creativity.
• Improves physical well-being
• Improves quality of life
• Improves social skills
• Improves cognitive functioning
• Improves overall mood.

Our Team

Mickey Singh Narula

Music Healing Guru

singer, composer, instrument player “mickey singh narula” believes in soul stirring music and has made his mark in the world of music globally. for him music is a tool that bridges the gap between atma and parmatma. after understanding the true power of music and the part that music plays in the enrichment and enlightenment of the soul, he now gives music therapy at correction centres (prisons) all over india for the reformation of jail inmates under his ngo “mickey narula’s karmick connection foundation”. over the past few years due to covid 19 we have realised how important it is to focus on mental health and wellbeing. as a music healing guru, mickey singh narula is passionate about helping people, improve their physical & emotional well-being. he believes that music therapy is an effective tool to help improve the life of people. he realised that the sufferings caused by man's uncontrolled thought can be handled by music. thus music helps to improve general well being & quality of life.

Kavita Lohiya Bajpai

Motivational Speaker

dr kavita lohiya bajpai is a highly inspiring multifaceted education leader based in mumbai, india. she has been working in the field of education for almost two and a half decades, and her contributions to the field have been significant and far-reaching. bajpai has dedicated her life to promoting education and empowering children from premium schools as well as weaker economic backgrounds, and her work has touched the lives of thousands of children across the country. she has led several initiatives aimed at improving the quality of education for girls and promoting gender equality.her contributions to education have been widely recognized both in india and internationally. she has received several awards and honors for her work, including the prestigious femina magazine covering her story as one of the 50 most influential & inspiring women in the country in 2020. a poetic heart with a vision of working only for holistic education & women empowerment till her last breath inspires her to create more avenues and hence she is mentoring few successful edtech startups besides developing a school with global vision & state of art facilities.

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